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The food processing industry is of enormous job listings near me significance as it provides vital linkages and synergies that it promotes between the two pillars of the economy, i.e. agriculture and industry. The Processed food market is expected to grow to $543 bn by 2020 from $322 bn in 2016, at a CAGR of 14.6%. Food processing has an important role to play in linking farmers to consumers in the domestic and international markets. Major industries constituting the Food processing industry are grains, sugar, edible oils, beverages and dairy products.

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Stainless steel is commonly used for food industry fabrication projects because of its lack of product contact surface textures. This attribute is critical for работа москва both clean-in-place and cleaning out of place procedures. The ability to easily disassemble the equipment for cleaning and inspection provides additional benefits for food industry customers. 

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  • Wine Barrel
  • BMCT Tank